2021 20 / November Weekend Trip Texelse Whisky / Distilleerderij De Lepelaar
2021 31 / August Weekend Trip BUS Whisky
2019 03-09 / June Roadtrip V Campbeltown
2018 14-20 / May Roadtrip IV Return to Islay
2017 15-21 / May Roadtrip III Misc Distilleries
2016 02-04 / Sept Interlude Dublin City Trip
2015 24/Oct - 7/Nov Holiday Fly/Drive - Ireland
2015 15-25 / April Roadtrip II Destination: Dufftown
2014 01-06 / June Roadtrip I Road to Islay
2013 06 / April Prologue Weekend Trip ; Scotch Whisky Experience
2012 25 / Aug Reconnasaince Weekend Trip ; Scotch Whisky Experience
2011 28/May - 14/Jun Discovery Motorbike Holiday


The pages with my Distillery Visits may contain pictures and pieces of information of what you are actually going to see and hear during a visit and/or tour.

There might also be a report of what I was offered during the tasting parts of the tours.
The pages of my Distillery visit are representations of my experience of the tours at the moment I was there.

Distillery access and/or tours can change over time, and current tours and drinks might be different from what I experienced when I was there.