Roadtrip I - Isle of Islay
01/June - 06/June - 2014

Part of my Isle of Islay Roadtrip with two mates.
This is Part Three of Three | Find Part One, Part Two here

Lagavulin Distillery
04th of June 2014


The next morning would be the start of our journey home. But not before we visited the Lagavulin Distillery for the 09:30 tour. To prepare ourselves we had again the full Scottish breakfast. After this it was time to sign out of the hotel load up the car and go on the 40 minute journey to Lagavulin.

As we arrived a little early we decided to shoot some pictures from the main entrance to the Distillery.

M021 166 167


After we started the tour we got the message that it was not allowed to make pictures during the tour. The good news is that they do a lot of the Whisky making process roughly the same as all the others. Apart from malting the barley. Lagavulin obtains their barley from the Port Ellen Malting Plant. Therefore only one picture from some Scottish clogs. At the end I managed to snap a shot of the three bottles offered for tasting. The regular 16 y/o, the Distillers Edition and the 12 y/o cask strength. I had a taste of the Distillers edition and decided to take it home.

171 172 175


On our way to our car we scored a few more outdoor shots.

169 177 B149


Roadtrip I - Isle of Islay
01/June - 06/June - 2014



As the Ardbeg Distillery was the next door neighbor to Lagavulin we decided to head out there and take some pictures. This distillery has by far the most comprehensive shop from the few we have seen these two days.

179 181 185
182 B153

On our way to Ardbeg we saw the sign for the Kildaton Cross landmark. So that became our next stop. A nice detail is that one of the locals has prepared coffee, tea with cakes for you to enjoy. A small box is there for the cash and change. All completely unsupervised self-service.

B168 193 191

On our way to Lagavulin we had seen the signs for Laphroaig so obviously we needed to make a short stop there as well.

199 200 205
B179 B172 B173

Now it was off to Port Askaig, but with time to spare we made a quick stop at Caol Ila. The buildings, as far as we could see from the outside, where a little boring but the view on the waterfront is spectacular.

207 208 209
B187 B188 B189

Back in Port Askaig we shot some pictures to kill the time until finally the ferry arrived.

B192 215 B207

After the crossing we moved forward to Glasgow where we had dinner at the HardRock Cafe. Next day we spend the morning shopping for fudge. Apparently the famous Wellington was tired of the bad weather and decided to wear a traffic cone to protect him from the rain.

227 231 232

After a quick break for coffee it was time to head out to Newcastle. On the ferry back to Ijmuiden we closed our tour off with (for me) a The Balvenie 12 y/o Triple Cask. The next morning we had a short ride home where it was time to check out the newly obtained treasures. It was a marvelous week, and will be most likely find a rerun in the future.

233   234

Part of my Isle of Islay Roadtrip with two mates | This is Part Three of Three | Find Part One, Part Two here

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