Scotch Whisky Experience - Edinburgh
25th of August 2012


After my discovery that I liked Whisky I kind of regretted not visiting the Scotch Whisky Experience during out motorbike tour of Scotland and our visit to Edinburgh. {link} So I decided to head back to Edinburgh the next year and make up for this 'mistake'. I took the plane and following a short bus ride I ended up in the city center.

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After a short tour over familiar ground it was finally time to walk up the Royal Mile...



...and visit The Scotch Whisky Experience.

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Without giving to much away I joined the Silver tour allowing me in the Barrel Ride, a quick introduution to the Whisky Regions and their specific characteristics. At the end of the tour I was dropped at the bar and could I enjoy my 4 drams of Whisky included in the tour.

Highlands Royal Lochnagar 12 y/o - 40%
Speyside The Glenlivet 12 y/o - 40%
Islay Laphroaigh 10 y/o - 40%


After the Tour I made a short walk to another 'hobby' of mine. The Hard Rock Cafe.

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Following a good meal was it time for another walk (uphill) to find my (student) Hotel and bed at the Pollock Halls.

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On my way back I stopped at the Whisky Shop at the Airport to collect some memorabilia.

GF2012   Balvenie Doublewood


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