Motorbike Holiday Scotland
28/May - 14/Jun - 2011

Part 2 of my Motorbike Holiday through Scotland - Part 1

In 2011 we took a Motorbike holiday through Scotland. The full holiday should be included in the Motorbike section of this website in due time. For now I have extracted the two distillery visits that has planted the seed of my Whisky Discovery Journey.

The weather on the Isle of Skye is rather strange. While the sun was shining during breakfast it was raining 5 minutes later for about 5 minutes after which it was dry again. Another day, another ride, so we dressed up in our motor gear again. Standing outside, you notice a blue sky to the left, some clouds ahead of you and dark gray clouds to the right. As we needed to go in the right direction we added the rain gear as well.

The first stop was at Dunvegan Castle. This castle was and is owned by the Clan McLeod, and here ruled the Chiefs of the Clan in earlier times. But with the wet clothes and the rain still coming down steadily we continued to the second stop.

Talisker Distillery
10th of June 2011


With light clouds and a little bit of sun we arrived at the Talisker Distillery. Here they are distilling a single malt Islands whisky. Again we joined the tour. Unlike the Glenfiddich (free) this tour this one costed £ 6 pp and you got a voucher allowing you three pounds off in the Distillery Shop.

What was different here was that you will get a dram of the 10 year old before you begin your tour. During the tour you will hear a similar story as (in our case) at Glenfiddich. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take pictures during the tour. After the tour we where dropped at the Distillery shop and after purchasing a souvenir we where ready to continue with our ride over the Isle of Sky.

gp talisker

Part 2 of my Motorbike Holiday through Scotland - Part 1

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