Motorbike Holiday Scotland
28/May - 14/Jun - 2011

Part 1 of my Motorbike Holiday through Scotland - Part 2

Glenfiddich Distillery
05th of Jun 2011


In 2011 we took a Motorbike holiday through Scotland. The full holiday should be included in the Motorbike section of this website in due time. For now I have extracted the two distillery visits that has planted the seed of my Whisky Discovery Journey.

Due to the fact that breakfast was not served until 08:30 we slept in. After breakfast we made a small walk round town before dressing up for the ride to the Speyside. Initially we wanted to ride the Speyside Malt Whisky Route, but the roughly 350km {218miles} where a little too much as it was some distance to get there as well. So we headed to Dufftown after which we would see what to do.


Under an almost clear blue sky and sun with temperatures of around 20-23 Degrees {68-73 F} we left our Guesthouse. Riding the curvy roads and amazing views it is hard to explain how beautiful the scenery is. In the sea of green we saw ski lifts as we passed to Scottish skiing areas. Riding on and on and through the free running sheep we finally arrived at the lovely town of Dufftown.

Just after 13:00 , we arrived in the beautiful town of Dufftown. In this town is since 1886 the Glenfiddich Single Malt Highland Whisky Distillery. The most famous Scotch whisky producer in the world .

After a soda, it was time for us to join the tour. This began with a video presentation on the history of the distillery. Then a (short) tour of the production facility where some aspects of the Whisky making process are shown.

The most important are the copper boilers that are still being made according to the specifications of 1886.

After the tour you'll come to a tasting room where the most famous 12 year old with a 15 and 18 year old whiskey being offered. Here we were told that you have to smell and taste the whisky straight and pure from the bottle. To open up the nose you could add some drops of water. Many people will add ice cubes, but this just locks up the smells and taste of the whisky.

In conclusion , we have walked through the distillery gift shop for a souvenir. In the lunchroom we had a quick soup and drinks after which we prepared for a nice ride back to the Guesthouse.

gp glenfiddich

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Part 1 of my Motorbike Holiday through Scotland - Part 2

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